Meet Ama Rai…

Hello, my name is Ama Rai. I have a passion for life! I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, and dancing. My favorite past time is hanging out with my husband watching movies and traveling. I also enjoy making diaper cakes.

Several years ago I began making diaper cakes after searching for a unique shower gift for a mom-to-be that was a very close friend of mine. I wanted to give her something practical and memorable. After many hours of searching the internet for a unique baby shower gift, I discovered a how to guide on making diaper cakes. After several grueling hours of reading boring instructions and trying to figure out the process, my first diaper cake was born. I loved the process! It was fun, inventive, and most importantly, mom-to-be was thrilled to receive the gift!

Realizing the potential for a diaper cake business, I begin to simplify the diaper cake making process. Together, my husband Ash and I began a long trial and error process to find the easiest way to make diaper cakes and pass it on to others who could use the information to birth their very own diaper cake business. Plus, you will never show up to a baby shower empty handed! Your gift will always be the talk of the shower.

I hope you will take advantage of the tips and tricks that we have discovered in making a diaper cake in as little as 23 minutes. We have developed a step-by-step video tutorial so that you don’t have to read all the boring instructions that come with other how-to guides. With this video you will be able to skip the trial and error process that we had to go through to successfully make diaper cakes. Let making diaper cakes become your passion through this video, as it has become ours!

Meet Ash Rai…

Hi, I’m Ash Rai. As with most men, I enjoy sports. I have a particular liking for boxing, running, basketball and going to the gym. In my spare time, I also like watching movies and traveling.

Though most people despise going to work, I happen to thoroughly enjoy working hard for my family. I, too have added making diaper cakes to my list of favorite past times. My passion for making diaper cakes began when my friends and family members began to fall pregnant and expand their families.

As finding a unique gift for them grew increasingly difficult, I knew I had to figure something out. Gifts are far more appreciated when time and effort has gone into creating something truly special. I wanted to make sure that the gift I gave them was something special and unique. My wife had already expressed interest in making diaper cakes so together, she and I began, the process. This would be the perfect gift! Our first attempt at making a diaper cakes didn’t work out so well. We spent hours and hours trying to figure it out. Once the masterpiece was finished, however, we knew that we had the perfect baby shower gift on our hands. While our friends and family members are still enjoying our wonderful diaper cakes, our goal now is to help you experience the joys of making a diaper cake.

We have developed a video tutorial to help you see past all the confusion of making a diaper cake. We are pleased to offer you this 23 minute video tutorial to help you create beautiful diaper cakes that are simple to make. Your diaper cakes will be the talk of every shower. If you want to learn how to make a diaper cake for your friends and family in less than half an hour, click here to get started.